Mental health and wellness for modern work and life.

Sarah A. Greenberg, MFT | Mental wellness for modern life.
Photo by Shelly Puri
Sarah Greenberg, MFT | As seen in Business Insider, Psychology Today, Fast Company and more.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin
Sarah A. Greenberg, MFT | Mental wellness for modern life.
Photo by Shelly Puri

Sarah Greenberg is a Harvard-trained psychotherapist and leadership coach, who is a sought after psychology expert in international media and consultant to top mental wellness start-ups. She is also a fallible human who is proud to be on the same journey of trying to live better each day as the clients she serves. Whether conducting an individual counseling session or developing a scalable program, Sarah’s superpowers are curiosity, empathy, and humor. 

How can I help?

One on one psychotherapy provides a confidential space to explore obstacles causing you pain or holding you back. I offer psychotherapy remotely to anyone in the state of California.

Coaching helps you connect with your strengths and leverage them more fully for peak performance and optimal wellbeing. I offer leadership coaching to leaders at any level (C-Suite to entry level) via phone or video .

No one changes their behavior based on a “talking head.” The best workshops are engaging, participatory, accessible, time-bound, and practically useful. I work with leaders and conference organizers to create custom experiences that get to the heart of what your audience needs.

As a consultant, I love lending my expertise in mental health, coaching, user research, and discovery. My style is to combine not just guidance (this is the “old” approach), but also nitty-gritty implementation and capacity-building.